About the Award

The idea of the El Hassan Youth Award Scheme (H.Y.A) was derived from the duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, established in 1956. It spread to several countries in the world under many different titles. The El-Hassan Youth Award Scheme started in Jordan in 1984 as a pilot scheme in the Amman Baccalaureate school.

The (H.Y.A) provides a big opportunity for Jordanian youth between the ages 14 - 25 years, to enroll in self - challenging, educational and non - academic programs in services, skills, expeditions and physical recreation to achieve a balanced personality development for Jordanian Youth.

The success of the scheme depends on the participant's enthusiasm and their understanding of the importance of its programs, which initiates challenge in order to achieve maximum personal development. 

Furthermore, supervisors, assessors, instructors and coordinators who work on a voluntary basis constitute an important element in the success of the scheme. Through proper organization and management, they gear the participants' experiences towards achieving a real sense of affiliation to their country and consequently developing better understanding and cooperation with other age groups.