EYA / AHA Plan


To include young awardees in the facilitation of the Award scheme in Jordan, to encourage their further participation in youth activities, and to introduce them to national and international youth opportunities. 


  1. To support the EYA with enough volunteers.
  2. To participate in national and international youth activities.
  3. To provide work opportunities to youth based on qualifications.
  4. To support the intended EYA open centers with enough volunteers.
  5. To encourage cooperation between Award holders.
  6. To develop and improve educational, social, cultural, and physical recreation among award holders.


  1. To improve committies and subcommitties in order to supply the goals.
  2. To conduct weekly meetings and working time tables.
  3. To increase the cooperation of national and international award organizations.
  4. To establish a database for the award holders.



First, in the EYA OFFICE:

A.  Present monthly and quarterly reports detailing the activities of the department

B.  Support the EYA office with youth volunteers as follows:


Award Department

  1. Helping in promoting the Award in the schools, universities and youth centers.
  2. Serving as general volunteers in the preparation of Award Expeditions.
  3. Helping in the Award (Gold, Silver, Bronze) ceremonies.
  4. Visiting the Award centers in order to check their development.
  5. Helping and supporting with clerical work in the EYA office.

Supervisors and Coordinators Department

  1. Helping the office staff in the training courses held in the Award office.
  2. Helping the office staff in the preparation and distribution of circulars for all coordinators and supervisors in the Kingdom.
  3. Serving as volunteers for the recognition ceremonies for Award supervisors and coordinators.

Outdoor Activities Department

  1. Helping with the expeditions as supervisors.
  2. Helping out with the recognition ceremonies for Army and civilian expedition leaders.

Adminstration and Public Relations Department

  1. Supporting the EYA newsletter with articles about the Award’s effects on youth, and with packaging of newsletter for distribution.
  2. Helping with organizing Award ceremonies .
  3. Participating in national, cultural and religious festivals and ceremonies.
  4. Helping with general maintenance of EYA office and storage facility.
  5. Accompanying youth guests, both national and international, as cultural facilitators or “tour guides.”
  6. Representing the Award office in international youth gatherings and following-through with these activities with the EYA administration.

Financial Department

Small-scale fundraising to cover the costs of their activities.

Second, outside the EYA office:

  1. Writing the monthly and quarterly reports detailing the activities of the department.
  2. Participating in the national and international youth activities (nationally and internationally)
  3. Support the award centers with gold award holders.
  4. Organizing discussions and seminars concerning youth.
  5. Coordinating with governmental and non governmental organizations in order to provide work opportunities.


1. Annual evaluation sessions will be held for the department’s activities.

2. A final annual report will be written by the department members about the different activities.



 The development of well-rounded and active youth leaders as well as the provision of qualified youth volunteers and staff for the EYA office.