Support and Promotion

The following are a few practical examples of how AHAs may support their NAA and promote the Award Programme:

Individual Award holders can become involved as Award leaders, Trainers, Instructors or Assessors or can become Financial benefactors at local, national or international level. The AHA can increase awareness of these opportunities amongst its members.

A database can be established providing information on locally available Award activities undertaken by Award holders.  This is a simple resource which could also provide participants with access to an Award Holder who can offer advice and practical assistance.

A database can be established of Award holders willing to promote the Award within schools, Open Award Centres, youth groups and elsewhere, by sharing their own experiences and encouraging the Award in their own locality. AHAs have an important role in selling the Award Programme for their NAA.

Members can assist with expedition training and assessment, can serve on Local Award Committees and can help with training seminars and workshops in a professional or past participant capacity.

Members can assist in the promotion of the Award at fundraising and promotional functions, official events, and Award presentations. 

The AHA can provide the NAA with a mechanism for seeking the opinions and views of young people and past participants.

The AHA can provide the NAA with a pool of potential youth representatives for national committees, as recommended by the International Council. It can also be involved in the formulation of a fundraising strategy to enable youth representatives to attend national, regional and international events and conferences.