As a Participant

If you are aged between 14 and 25, you can participate in the Award for self-challenging, educational and non-academic programmes in services, skills, adventurous journeys and physical recreation to help develop yourself as a balanced individual.

The minimum age for graduating from each level of the Award is:

 1. Bronze: 14 and a half for all participants.

 2. Silver: 15 and a half for Bronze Award Holders, 16 for direct entrants.

 3. Gold: 17 for Silver Award Holders, 17 and a half for direct entrants.

The minimum time period for completing the Award's four programmes at the three levels of the Award and the Outdoor Residential Programme for the gold level is:

 1. Bronze: 6 months.

 2. Silver: 12 months.

 3. Gold: 18 months.