Work on establishing the Open Award Center at the Arab Potash Company in the South Jordan Valley started in 2000 as an ambitious step for further activating the Award’s role in the governorates of the south of Jordan, following up on the Award’s participants and attracting new participants.

This can be achieved by opening the opportunity for the participants of the Award to exercise the various Award programs, work on serving the community and discovering oneself and the environment; especially through the Expeditions’ Section that is superbly implemented in the South due to the availability of the suitable nature for adventure, which satisfies pleasure and achieves benefit for the participant under the supervision of specialized personnel, and using specialized equipment that ensures safety for this purpose.


The idea of establishing such a center started when the El-Hassan Youth Award administration felt the need of providing a safe youth center that would satisfy the youth’s needs by providing activities for the participants due to the increase of youth interested in joining the Award and utilizing their free time, in addition to satisfying enjoyment and benefit through the Adventure activity, mountain climbing, and nature observation as the Rum area is distinguished for its terrain and remarkable atmosphere.


Numerous efforts to bring this center into being were combined as financial support was provided by the Prince Edward Special Projects Fund, internationally. And national financial and in kind support by the Ministry of Education, the Arab Potash Company, Rum Agricultural Company, the National Center for the Development of Human Resources, the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, and under the umbrella of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority.