Programmes of the Open Award Center

Programs in the Rum area include:

  • Expeditions Program for the Gold Award

    • Participants in the Expeditions Program must complete preparatory training for the expedition.

    • Participants are required to pass physical fitness and endurance tests, according to the physical fitness standards by the El-Hassan Youth Award, and obtain the physical fitness certificate.

  • Sabelat El-Hassan Program

    • Participants of the Sabelat El-Hassan must complete a mountain-climbing expedition in order to complete the camp.

    • Participants are required to pass physical fitness and endurance tests and obtain physical fitness and health fitness certificates.

    • The Adventure program lasts for two days. On the first day, participants attend lectures on the nature and terrain of the area, the risks, nature and conditions of climbing, safety conditions and abseiling. On the second day, participants climb Mount Rum or Mount Um-Addami, the highest peak in the area.

  • Tourist Expeditions Program

    • This program is open to all young Jordanian people seeking to participate in national tourist expeditions to the Rum area and activities such as climbing and desert walking.