Sabelat El-Hassan

In 1984, the UK started a non-profit making organization that aims to develop young people through challenging community and environmental work on projects and expeditions around the world. This organization is known as the 'Raleigh International'. For the past 16 years, the 'Raleigh International' has brought together 120 young people per year from around the world to work on various expeditions for 12 weeks. Ten expeditions are run each year in groups of twelve, to countries such as Belize, Chile, Uganda, Namibia and China. The 'Raleigh International' also operates in Jordan. However, the program runs for one month and operates under a different name.

The Sabelat El-Hassan is a unique venture for future generations. It is one of the residential projects for El-Hassan Youth Award (HYA) participants in the Gold Level and for all the youth of Jordan.

 The intention of this project is to introduce young people to an activity with purpose in a residential setting. This is done through, the experience of living and working with others who are not of the same physiological background. Young people will develop maturity and a sense of responsibility for their actions.

It is a youth development program that enables young people to participate in challenging environmental and community projects around the kingdom. Environmental projects offer Al-Sabela's young participants (adventurers) the opportunity to be actively involved in a valuable field of research and practical conservations work.

Sabelat El-Hassan is based on three main elements:

1.            Helping in a scientific research of environmental projects.

2.            Offering services to villages and providing social interactions.

3.            Participating in adventurous programs

The benefits gained by the youth participating in the Sabelat El-Hassan program are real and permanent as it develops their self-confidence and enriches them with new skills. This experience exposes them to new perspectives where they become more open to others’ points of view, hence the satisfaction of achieving something of great importance.