Adventurous Journeys

Objective: to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery, in addition to achieving an advanced level of self-reliance and confidence, discovering one’s self and one’s environment while working in a group.

Adventurous Journeys are implemented as outdoor field camps:

• Scouting Journeys: aims at long hikes and scouting with a modest level of programmed activities.

• Research and exploration: aims at exploration, hiking comprises a modest level of this activity whilst programmed activities comprise the bulk of it (the study of ruins ...etc.)

• These journeys can also be implemented as indoor camps in schools, where a school supervisor trained by the Award Office is present in addition to civilian and military trainers.

Examples of Adventurous Journeys:

• Exploring the natural world: glaciation, erosion, geology, coastal studies

• Exploring river and desert valleys, plant studies

• Exploring human impact: visitor pressure in national parks, pollution

• Carrying out health surveys or health education in remote areas

• Completing a demanding journey by foot, cycle, canoe/kayak

• Climbing mountainous peaks

• Cycling from one end of a country to another


1. Preparatory training: participants are informed about the nature of the                   expeditions, under the supervision of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

2. Trial journeys:

  • Bronze level: one journey.
  • Silver level: two expeditions for direct entrants; one for indirect Silver Award participants

  • Gold level: three expeditions for direct entrants and two for indirect Gold Award participants

3. Assessment journeys: outdoor camping for a minimum period of three days for the Bronze level, four for the Silver level, and five days for the Gold Award level.

Camp Duration

     •  Bronze: 6 days and 5 nights; preparative training, a trial journey, and an assessment journey.

     •  Silver: 7 days and 6 nights; preparative training, a trial journey, and an assessment journey for Bronze Award holder and direct Silver Award entrants.

     •  Gold level: 8 days and 7 nights; preparative training, a trial journey, and an assessment journey for direct Gold Award entrants and Silver Award holders.